Long live the holidays!

Dossier ~ Thursday 28th June 2018

We continue our series “Tintin on vacation”! This year, we can wipe blackboards clean or delete web pages, so to start our vacation here are the technological trends of the summer: Tintinophiles super connected Kanrokitoff style, or The drone above the pool, shaped like a BabyBel cheese, with strange characters peeping over their Kurvi-Tasch moustaches, or The Seabreacher experience which reminds us of our dear Professor Calculus’s shark submarine, or The Fitbit that changes your good life, full of pleasure and indulgence to life on The Island, etc.

No, this time we focus on the essentials: your traveling companion and your destination! !

Now we have to pin the destination on the world map!

In the Alps, in the mountains

Like Tintin at the beginning of his adventure in Tintin in Tibet.

On a cruise

Like Rastapopoulos aka the Marquis di Gorgonzola on the yacht Scheherazade in the Red Sea, from The Red Sea Sharks

In the desert

Suitably accompanied by your desert mount, the camel, in the land of thirst.

To Morocco

In Kathmandu or India

In search of Zen peace of mind.

Nearer home

Perhaps in the quiet of the countryside, no sandstorms or raging seas, like the Loire Valley (Cheverny) or elsewhere.

To the beach

Dressed like the Thompsons, running proudly in their old-fashioned striped swim suits.

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