Imagine... that you can go with one of your favourite characters from the adventures of Tintin, by the seaside, on a cruise, to the mountains or on an adventure in a remote region of the world, who would you choose?

Of course with Tintin, you are in good hands.

The Captain Haddock
With the Captain, it may be more eventful: perils and whiskey!

He will follow you faithfully anywhere you go, unless a juicy bone to gnaw gets in his way

The Thompsons
With the Thompsons, we enter another dimension: it is the assurance of a safe rest on a golden beach, far from the pickpocketing: Sh!...Highly confidential!...Special operation...

Bianca Castafiore
And where is Bianca Castafiore in all this? Well with her, at the slightest annoyance, a tantrum is guaranteed. Being a Diva her destination would be exotic and extravagant!

A peaceful rest in a comfortable sun lounger, all this with the impeccable service of an outstanding butler: Nestor, the devoted servant of Marlinspike Hall!

Alors, avec qui aimeriez-vous partir en vacances ?