Duration : 57 minutes

Language : English

Year : 1964

Director(s) : Ray Goossens, Stéphane Bernasconi

Producer(s) : Raymond Leblanc / Studios Belvision

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madboxFriday 5th April 2019 à 22:39
Great i watched it but umm can someone change the right now on tintin TV beccause i cant watch anything elce :(
chrisdaphSunday 12th March 2017 à 03:14
Why would you translate a name, snowy, Thompson, calculus ...... I have watched Tin Tin in different languages and the names are always the same, please if you can do something about it!
TintínYMilúSaturday 4th March 2017 à 01:25
Hey! I like Tintin so much! I love this!
wallcampTuesday 16th February 2016 à 20:57
it's brilliant-put all the movies on the website!
bowie1Thursday 11th February 2016 à 21:57
Was this not produced by Nelvana in Toronto?
fireryoneThursday 11th February 2016 à 09:23
It was the complete episode/movie, streamed with not issues or interruptions..
A little bit compressed looking but over a good quality stream of a classic show, thanks.
And 1000 internet points for not Region locking it to a specific country.
mjr00Thursday 20th October 2011 à 00:00
great but maybe whole film if pos pls
egaluffyMonday 25th July 2011 à 00:00
yeh its good
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