Rascar Capac


Inca Rascar Capac inspired by the name of Incas who ruled Peru and bearing the names of "Manco-Capac", "Maytac-Capac", or "Huascar". It appears in The seven Crystal Balls The Inca Rascar Capac has never existed and was created by Hergé.The mummy of Rascar Capac was discovered by the Sanders-Hardiman expedition as noted at the very beginning of the album.


He - who - unleashes - the - fire - of - heaven.


"Inca" or "Lord" was the title borne by the sovereigns in Peru until the Spanish conquest destroyed their dynasty. Unanimously, the Inca was believed to be sent from heaven. His power had no limit but it is said, however, that he was making good use of it, always acting in the interests of his people.

Les 7 Boules de cristal page 32


When he created the mummy of Rascar Capac, it seems that Hergé found his inspiration with the Peruvian mummy displayed at the Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels.

Les 7 Boules de cristal page 31 - Photographie d'une momie Parakas au Pérou (collection particulière)

Sergio Purin, assistant curator at the Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire (Royal Museum of Art and History) in Brussels, reminds us that "it was customary that the Incas be mummified and kept in the Coricancha (The Sacred Pen)". From the Catalogue du parcours au Musée du Cinquantenaire du 07/03/96  -  29/09/96 "Quand la Bd s'inspire des objets du Musée "


he Sanders-Hardiman ethnographic expedition discovered and brought back from Peru the mummy of the Inca King known as "He - who - unleashes - the - fire - of -  heaven". This act of desecration cast a spell over the members of the expedition.

The Seven Crystal Balls, page 49


Was the Crystal Balls affair, which stirred so much public passion, the catalyst for the revenge of a "fanatical Indian" who has sworn to punish those who were bold enough to disturb the tomb of the Inca king Rascar Capac?

Les 7 Boules de cristal page 25
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