First name

Master of evil, enemy of the good, great shark swimming in the international troubled waters, he has found in Tintin the "ideal fussbudget" who keeps irritating him. Working in the movie industry at first, he veered into traffic of influence and narcotics. Great Master of an occult organisation whose ramifications cover the planet.

Appearances and occupation

Rastapopoulos is already present in Tintin in America. Indeed, conforming to the protocol, he stands on Tintin's left side during the gala soirée celebrating the outcome of our hero's American adventures.

Case extraite de Tintin en Amérique. Première apparition de Rastapopoulos avec monocleet cigare, à côté de Mary Pickford

In Cigars of the Pharaoh, Tintin will cross paths with him, on the cruise liner taking them both to Port Said. The billionaire, director of the famous movie company, Cosmos Pictures, is going to Arabia, via Egypt, to supervise the shooting of one of his new super productions.

Les Cigares du Pharaon page 4

But this is only a cover

In reality, Rastapopoulos is the head, the Great Master, of a powerful organisation trafficking opium. His felony will be eventually revealed in i>The Blue Lotus.

he Blue Lotus, page 57

Apparition et activité

Genius of evil gifted without doubt, an evil genius, with an uncommon way of handling people, he reappears in The Red Sea Sharks under the stage name of Marquis di Gorgonzola, the owner of, among others, Arabair which is involved in slave trafficking.

The Red Sea Sharks, page 36

Finally, in Flight 714 for Sydney, the man has lost a bit of his haughtiness and his role becomes quite pathetic. The terrible villain who enjoyed the jete set lifestyles has turned into a pitiful adventurer. He is quite ridiculous.


At different stages, the scoundrel can be seen dressed in such diverse clothing as a cowboy outfit, a theatre costume, a tuxedo, a rather flashy suit and an elegant outfit.

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sahkarineMonday 12th September 2011 à 03:44
ooh!!! love him!!!! i love rastapopoulos sooo much! hes so funny and evil at the same time and i love his outfits!
lefanTuesday 31st May 2011 à 23:34
jadore ce quiz
lola12Saturday 1st May 2010 à 17:29
moi je l'aime pas c'est un con salo
lola12Saturday 1st May 2010 à 17:28
pfff il est tros con
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