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Question n°1/10
En quelle année est né Tintin ?
Question n°2/10
Dans sa première aventure, pour quel pays part Tintin ?
La Russie
Le Congo
Question n°3/10
Quelle profession exerce Tintin ?
Question n°4/10
Dans quelle rue habite Tintin ?
Rue du Labrador
Rue de Moulinsart
Rue de Bruxelles
Question n°5/10
Comment les lamas Tibétains surnomment-ils Tintin?
Coeur pur
Tonnerre grondant
Neige du matin
Question n°6/10
Que recherche Tintin au Tibet ?
Le Yéti
Son ami Tchang
Question n°7/10
Dans quel album Tintin rencontre-t-il Tchang pour la première fois ?
Tintin au Tibet
Les Cigares du Pharaon
Le Lotus Bleu
Question n°8/10
Avec qui, Tintin est toujours accompagné sur les couvertures de ses albums ?
Le capitaine Haddock
Le professeur Tournesol
Question n°9/10
Quel est le signe particulier de Tintin ?
Son imper
Sa houppe
Son pull bleu
Question n°10/10
En 2004, quel anniversaire fête Tintin ?
Son 60ème anniversaire
Son 75ème anniversaire
Son 80ème anniversaire
Les joueurs des 30 derniers jours
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Vos contributions (10) Contribuer
madboxFriday 15th March 2019 à 21:10
I got all and read all the books! GET ON MY LEVEL XD
tintinlove5Wednesday 26th September 2018 à 04:55
i'm Tintin for Halloween
reinierantonWednesday 20th September 2017 à 15:56
I really feel sad that in the figure of Tintin the young adventurer Palle Huld from Kopenhagen is ignored. It is absolutely clear that Palle Huld was the example for Tintin. Palle Huld traveled as a 15 year old boy around the world in 44 days in 1928. It was worldwide big news in those days and Hergé must gave seen it. All the details with Palle Huld are correct, even that he was a boy-scout, of which Hergé was fond of. Palle Huld, his rond face, his cowlick!, his cloths, his traveling around the world, all is exact the same. Palle Huld IS Tintin. It is really sad all the official institutes ignore this fact. There should be a large portret of Palle Huld in the entrance hall of the Tintin Museum.
arm21Sunday 10th July 2016 à 18:51
TinTin is the best.Ilove him very much.
ryderlawrySunday 29th May 2016 à 07:14
tintin has a cool hair style
tintin121Tuesday 19th April 2016 à 02:01
Tintin is awesome, and is probably invincable.
jojo3413Thursday 24th March 2016 à 23:07
Tintin has amazing luck especially in "Tintin in America" where a train was about to hit him, but he was saved by an elderly woman stopping the train because a puma was chasing a deer! Same with "The Black Island" where a plane dropped a bag full of counterfeit money right on the crooks head. Also in "The Broken Ear" when a bolt of lightning went straight through the roof of the house right near the crooks. I wish i had that much luck!!!
mad9645Monday 11th January 2016 à 01:57
tintin is the best
wildwiskeyFriday 20th November 2015 à 14:18
It's really sad that Herge is dead. :(
nitnit714Wednesday 12th October 2011 à 00:40
I love tintin!
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