Captain Haddock

Les injures du capitaine

His appearance is that of the archetypal sailor. Most of the time, he wears a sailor’s outfit comprising of black trousers, sailor’s hat, blue pullover with an anchor on it, and we often see him with a pipe in his mouth.


Captain Haddock has a wonderful repertoire of expletives. These words are not insults, but when used with a certain vehemence, sound like awful insults.

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tintinamazinFriday 29th May 2020 à 13:41
Loch Lomond whisky! Billions of blue blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon! Captain haddock is amazing!
ryderlawrySunday 29th May 2016 à 07:17
i like how he gets drunk
654321Friday 4th March 2016 à 19:25
He is the best!!! Also glad to see other Tintin fans!!!! ;)
tinajoron1Wednesday 9th December 2015 à 23:07
He was my type!
declanMonday 23rd November 2015 à 06:48
He's awesome, especially his collection of swear words!
catzillaWednesday 12th October 2011 à 07:53
Captain Haddock is awsome.
tintinsalsaSaturday 21st May 2011 à 00:23
I always liked haddock. I believe he is one of my favorite characters of the whole series.
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