Jamie Bell: Tintin better than Avatar ?

News ~ Saturday 9th April 2011 ~ 1 commentaire

There is an article posted on Digital Spy called Jamie Bell: Tintin looks better than Avatar following the interview of Jamie Bell on IGN.

On this occasion, Jamie Bell reveals his first impressions of The Secret of Unicorn : "It's never looked this good before," Bell told IGN recently. "I don't think motion-capture has ever met with the right material yet, and Tintin is perfect because we needed control of the world [...] The story really spans across many different landscapes," Bell explained. "At one point we're in the middle of the ocean and then there's a sequence set in the desert, there's an airplane sequence in it, which is very exciting and fantastical »."And this is all stuff from the book, so to the fans who know it, they'll know what I'm talking about." Sources : IGN - Digital Spy

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frodobagginsSaturday 8th October 2011 à 23:38
movie looks great, but i think sakharine is a villain in the movie
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