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Dossier ~ Thursday 7th January 2016

Oslo – formerly known as Christiania (1924-1924) – is the capital city of Norway. It is located at the top of Oslofjord, more or less on the 60th parallel north. On an expedition to the glacial waters of the Arctic Ocean during an expedition to find a mysterious meteorite (The Shooting Star), Tintin and Captain Haddock's ship the Aurora certainly passes by Norway before sailing to the port of Akureyri (64th parallel) in Iceland. The ship then carries on beyond the 72nd parallel to Greenland. The search for the meteorite is undertaken between the 73rd and 78th parallels, and the 13th and 8th meridians.

Tintin and Snowy (or “Terry”, as he is called in the Norwegian version!) never disembark in Oslo, which actually has two ports: the old port opposite the town hall and the port to the east of the city, used by cargo ships.

Oslo town hall

Oslo is a modern city, despite being home to numerous 19th and 20th century (and older) buildings, which bear witness to an industrial and maritime past. The history of Norway can be split into four periods along a timeline: the Vikings and the Middle Ages (793-1536); the integration of Denmark (1536-1804); union with Sweden (1804-1904); and independence (from 1905).

The Barcode Project in the Bjørvika neighbourhood

The medieval Akershus Fortress, a castle that was built to protect Oslo

“Viking longship, “La marine, des origines à 1700”, Voir et Savoir series, Hergé

Port Pipervika

Tintin in front of the opera house located at the port in the Bjørvika district
The opera - Bjørvika

Kirsten Flagstad (1895-1962), the famous Norwegian opera singer and Wagnerian soprano, who notably sang the “Jewel Song” from Charles Gounod's Faust (Bianca Castafiore's favourite aria), in her role as Marguerite (played for over a decade).

Oslo fireworks
Oslo fireworks

Tintin in the town hall

Nobel Prize Room

The town hall

The Adventures of Tintin have been published in Norwegian by several publishers (Schibsted, Allers, Bonniers-Semic, Semic / Egmont), since 1972.

The Crab with the Golden Claws was one of the first titles published - check out the coincidental crab meat tin produced in Norway today!

Norwegian titles for The Adventures of Tintin :

Tintin i Sovjetunionen
Tintin i Kongo
Tintin i Amerika
Faraos Sigarer
Den Blå Lotus
Det Knuste Øret
Den Sorte Øya
Kong Ottokars Septer
Krabben med de Gyldne Klør
Den Mystiske Stjerne
Enhjørningens Hemmelighet
Rackham den Rødes Skatt
De Syv Krystallkulene
Det Sorte Gull
Månen Tur-Retur del 1
Månen Tur-Retur del 2
Det hemmelige Våpenet
Koks i Lasten
Tintin i Tibet
Castafiores Juveler
Flight nr.714 til Sydney
Tintin og Picaroene
Tintin og Alfabet-Kunsten

*The Norwegian translation is in bokmål, the preferred written standard of the language.

The Adventures of Tintin in bokmål
The Adventures of Tintin in bokmål

In Norway Tintin is of course less popular than Munch, Vigeland, Jo Nesbø and Herbjørg Wassmo, but it is nevertheless easy to find his books in shops. Today the new book about Tintin's creator L’Art d’Hergé (Pierre Sterckx), can be seen in window displays.

Universitetsgata bookshop
Universitetsgata bookshop

Norwegian Tintin fans can find old copies of Tempo (1966-1979) and Super Tempo (1979-1983) magazines in second-hand bookshops. The magazine was the Norwegian version of Tintin magazine.

Tempo - N32 - 1967
Tempo - N38 - 1967
Tempo - N49 - 1967
Tempo - N36 - 1973

Night falls fast during the winter in Oslo (3.30 pm), making you want to curl up by the fire with a copy of Tintin in bokmål!

Night falls in Oslo
Night falls in Oslo

Godt Nytt År

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