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News ~ Monday 1st May 2006

Georges Remi was born into an unassuming Brussels family on 22nd May 1907. One hundred years later, he is known worldwide by his pen name, Hergé. During the last 77 years, hundreds of million readers have been thrilled, and continue to be thrilled by the captivating adventures of his fictitious hero, Tintin.

If Hergé’s work is, in more than one sense, a perfect pictorial chronicle of the XXth century, it has, in return, influenced that same century in a very specific way. That influence is still growing and, right now, at the beginning of a new century, it is stronger than ever. In fact, Hergé invented or established a good part of the visual grammar that defines modern comics. His style of drawing and his story telling with pictures have influenced three generations of artists. However, his most important legacy is the significance and the enduring effect that the universe he created and the characters he invented have in the mind of his readers. Through the magic of Tintin, Hergé’s work is universal, and with the Centennial of George Remi’s birth, it is on its way to becoming timeless… The programme presented by the Studios Hergé to celebrate this special anniversary intends to explore this fact from as many angles as possible. Throughout 2007, major exhibitions will be held worldwide in important museums and other cultural venues. Shows will be presented, as well as events and activities, and, of course, a lot of books will be published. Hergé’s work is, definitely, more alive than ever !

This programme features events and activities, some of which still require the good will of a lot of people to make them happen. Everybody wants Hergé’s Centennial to be a major success and intend doing everything possible to make it happen. However, it is quite probable and understandable that modifications to such an elaborate programme might occur, even at the last minute !

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