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to the Apple iBooks Store and Google Play Books

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From 11 January 2017, The Adventures of Tintin – including the brand new colour version of the reporter’s first-ever adventure – will become available in the iBooks Store (for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) as well as in the Google Play boutique (for Android and web). Until now the digital Adventures of Tintin have only been available in the Apple App Store or with Google, as part of the Tintin Application.

Apple iBooks Store and Google Play users will be overjoyed with the new colour version of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, which is made available in the ePub format by Apple according to strict standards and has also been perfectly adapted to Google Books. Soviets, the first of the 24 titles in the Tintin saga, has been transformed from black and white into colour with Apple and Google. The English version of this new book is only available in digital format, with a new translation, in the iBooks Store and with Google Play, as well as in the App Stores of Apple and Google.

Download the press release.

Tintin in the Land of the Soviets is also available on the Tintin App!

To get Tintin in the album in the App, first install the latest update.

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multanimousThursday 12th January 2017 à 21:23
I have the same question as sup27606 below.
sup27606Thursday 12th January 2017 à 05:21
This is a great idea, one that many of us had been waiting for. However, until now, the Tintin books were only available on the iOS app and we have been buying those books there. Now that the books are available on iBook with the added advantage of being accessible on macs, we would like to buy the iBook versions instead. What happens to those who already bought the books through the app? Do we have to again buy the ibook versions at full price? Would there be a discount available to owners of Tintin books from the app for buying the iBook versions?
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