STIB and Moulinsart on the rails!

News ~ Monday 18th July 2016 ~ 3 commentaires

For the first time, STIB is releasing MOBIB Basic cards around a particular theme. As of 25 July five different images from the Tintin series can be found on 100,000 cards, in collaboration with the Moulinsart company.


MOBIB cards
MOBIB cards
MOBIB cards
MOBIB cards
MOBIB cards
MOBIB cards

Bianca Castafiore, Captain Haddock, Thomson and Thompson, Professor Calculus and of course the inseparable duo Tintin and Snowy themselves. Tintin's main cartoon characters are all featured on brightly coloured MOBIB Basic cards, which will be available on 25 July. STIB and Moulinsart are joining forces for this initiative and are releasing 100,000 cards together.

The Tintin MOBIB cards will be available as from 25 July in the BOOTIKs and KIOSKs of STIB and at VisitBrussels. Collectors can purchase a collector’s box in the Tram Museum at Avenue de Tervueren.


During four months, there will also be a tram in the colours of the Hergé Museum driving through the streets of Brussels.

For more information, discover the press release.

Tintin takes the tram
Tintin takes the tram
Tintin takes the tram
Tintin takes the tram
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arm21Tuesday 23rd August 2016 à 20:24
که اخبار تن تنی رو در اون قرار میدیم.خوشحال میشیم اگه عضو کانال بشید . @tintin20 دوستان ایرانی. ما یه کانال زدیم به نام
arm21Tuesday 23rd August 2016 à 20:23
ما اخبار تن تنی رو همراه با عکسای تن تنی در اختیار شما قرار میدیم. اگه دوست دارید عضو شید و خودتون کیفیت کانالو ببینید و ارزیابی کنید. @tintin20 @tintin20
arm21Thursday 4th August 2016 à 11:06
I wish we could use them in our country. Not only in Belxiye .
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