Happy Birthday Tintin

News ~ Friday 8th January 2016 ~ 4 commentaires

At the beginning of each year Tintin celebrates his birthday.

On 10 January 2016 Tintin will be 87 years old, even though in reality he doesn’t really get older: as well as remaining young at heart, Tintin’s features never show any signs of ageing!

Tintin personifies activism and determination, as well as tolerance and virtue. We would like to thank him for everything he has given us, and we hope he won’t be going into retirement anytime soon.

We also thank Snowy, of course!

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Happy Birthday Tintin - Vidéo


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giant fleaSaturday 28th May 2016 à 15:59
Happy Belated Birthday Tintin! Your friends in San Francisco
HSHSHSSaturday 6th February 2016 à 22:51
Kendall76Sunday 10th January 2016 à 10:41
Happy Birthday Tintin!
al60ukSunday 10th January 2016 à 10:17
Hippo Burpday Old Boy, to be precise Happy Birthday :-).
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