ADMH - Change at the Friends of the Hergé Museum.

News ~ Monday 25th November 2019

Free interactivity, competitions and events. This group of enthusiasts of Tintin and his legendary creator is undergoing a new look, opening up its access and boosting its activities.

Are you a fan of Hergé and Tintin? Would you like to join this big organised fan based community? The Friends of the Hergé Museum (ADMH: Les Amis du Musée Hergé) are waiting for you with a new initiative. Registration is now completely free. Until now annual membership had cost 50 euros*.

Membership of ADMH opens the doors to events related to temporary exhibitions in Belgium and abroad through targeted competitions. The subscription allows you to receive information about the world of Tintin and Hergé which will, from January 2020, be distributed on an ad hoc basis in the form of digital news. These dynamic press releases will replace the magazine.

Last but not least, ADMH is getting up to date and becoming more interactive. ADMH therefore expects creative feedback from its members, particularly on the forum. From now on, everyone will be able to suggest activities, propose themes for conferences, visits or meetings. For even better synergies between the spirit of Hergé and his audience.

Registration will be open from 1 January 2020 via the ADMH page

(*) The annual membership fee of 50 euros will be fully refunded to those who have already been members of ADMH for less than six months. Subscribers who have been subscribers for more than six months will receive compensation.

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