After Seoul 2019

News ~ Wednesday 10th April 2019

We have just received photographs taken just before the dismantling of the recent exhibition which was held between December 21st 2018 and April 3rd 2019.

© Hergé-Moulinsart 2019
© Hergé-Moulinsart 2019
© Hergé-Moulinsart 2019
© Hergé-Moulinsart 2019
© Hergé-Moulinsart 2019
© Hergé-Moulinsart 2019
© Hergé-Moulinsart 2019
© Hergé-Moulinsart 2019

We wanted to share them with you…

Seoul certainly showed the way in their efforts to strengthen the multicultural image of Tintin internationally.

This exhibition about Hergé had a positive balance overall.

에르제:땡땡> 전시 종료 안내
End of the exhibition

많은 분들의 사랑을 받은 <에르제:땡땡> 전이 4월 3일을 마지막으로 종료합니다.
전시 기간 내내 많은 관심과 사랑을 주셔서 진심으로 감사드립니다!
HERGÉ: Tintin who Is loved by many people ends on April 3rd. Thank you very much for your interest and your love throughout the exhibition!

After Paris, Québec, Odense, Seoul, where will be the next destination for the Hergé exhibition?

Please click on this link for more information.

Report by the Korean publisher of the Adventures of Tintin:

Tintin Expo in Korea, the first to have ever been held in Asia -- was a huge success, and a great turning point that significantly raised public recognition of Tintin within the country.

Before this exhibition, the level of public recognition of Tintin in Korea was fairly low. Although there had been a small number of Tintin manias across the country, many of the general Korean public had little knowledge about the character. However, thanks to the large, world-class exhibition, a far larger number of people now have become more appreciative of the incredible legacy of Herge, his art world, and his internationally-beloved character, Tintin.

With the rise in publicity of Tintin in Korea, Sol Publishing witnessed a steep increase in sales of its Adventure of Tintin books: it has sold 30 times more copies of the series than it did before the expo. Tintin Shop Korea has greatly benefited from the exhibition as well' It has established relationships with more partners, and the sales and the number of daily visitors of the shop increased by significantly.

Overall, the expo was widely very well received. People found the abundance of artwork and resources shown at the exhibition exceptionally fascinating and informative. Some customers told me that they spent 3 hours viewing the exhibition alone. Furthermore, many viewers traveled yet another hour to come to Tintin Shop Korea as soon as they finished viewing the exhibition hoping to see a complete collection of Tintin items. A large number of viewers wrote in their reviews that they visited the exhibition multiple times because they felt it was not enough to understand the rich legacy of Herge and Tintin only by visiting the expo once. This explains how much this expo moved the general Korean public's heart, and influenced people’s thoughts on and affection for Tintin.

We hope to continue to host more events like this in Korea going forward. Thank you Moulinsart!

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