The Castafiore Emerald available in the Tintin App

News ~ Wednesday 2nd May 2018

The Twenty-first English title is available in HD

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Dans The Castafiore Emerald is a story in which, essentially, nothing happens. Captain Haddock's mansion, Marlinspike Hall, can be considered a theatre; the characters in the story are the actors in a play. Various outsiders, including a doctor and some gypsies, mingle with the residents.

None of the story is set in an exotic country, although the gypsies that appear at the beginning provide a link to far-off lands. This is the only story, along with The Secret of the Unicorn, in which the heroes don't set off on adventures all over the world. But this doesn't stop the adventure itself from turning up on their doorstep.

One of Calculus's other inventions in the story, is a new breed of rose. The Professor has a crush on Bianca Castafiore; for once his creative energy is focussed on a scientific project that doesn't risk being hijacked by nefarious criminals!

You can now read The Castafiore Emerald in a new HD version, with 33% improved definition compared with previous versions.

Audio (French) is available for:

- Tintin en Amérique
- Les Cigares du Pharaon
- L'Oreille cassée
- L'Île Noire
- Le Sceptre d'Ottokar
- Le Crabe aux pinces d'or
- L'Étoile mystérieuse
- Le Secret de la Licorne
- Le Trésor de Rackham le Rouge
- Objectif Lune
- On a marché sur la Lune

The rest of the digital Tintin titles will be published in English as new translations are completed.

- The Castafiore Emerald available in English

- Learn French, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch and Chinese (according to which titles are available) the fun way... with Tintin!

Technical details
- HD for all devices (iOS and Android)
- Resolution adapted for the iPad Pro (up to 12.9 inch screen) and iPhone X

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