The Adventures of Tintin: Tintin and the Picaros

News ~ Tuesday 8th August 2017

Haddock gives up whisky, Nestor takes to peeping through the keyhole, Snowy has been side-lined by Marlinspike’s Siamese cat, and Jolyon Wagg plays a pivotal role. It’s utter chaos at Marlinspike Hall! Like Hergé used to say: “In the 70’s everything is going wrong!”

In this last completed adventure by the artist, all is not what it seems behind this gloomy story of revenge, hostages and guerrillas. In Tapiocapolis, Tintin – disguised under cover of the Jolly Follies – takes you into the heart of the carnival in order to save “The Milanese Nightingale”.

Tintin and the Picaros is ready to be watched and rewatched on Tintin TV.

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