Reading is a pleasure!

Dossier ~ Thursday 20th July 2017

To arrive at literary Nirvana one must first pass through all the stages of reading. Illiteracy is still a sad reality in Europe and all over the World.

Although everyone has the potential to read, social inequality often trumps the ideal of equal opportunity, exacerbating the problem.

And yet reading is as important as eating and drinking. Victor Hugo even said, “Reading is like eating and drinking. The spirit that does not read shrinks like the body that does not eat.”

“A book is a window through which to escape.” (Julien Green)

Our childhood hero, Tintin is without doubt one of the greatest travellers of the twentieth century. He is an intrepid adventurer with a big heart who helps us to discover the world.

Peru, America, Egypt, China, the Amazon, Scotland, Morocco, Tibet... the brave reporter has been around the world many times. Tintin has beaten Al Capone, dismantled a gang of counterfeiters in Scotland, neutralised drug smugglers in the Mediterranean, walked on the Moon before Neil Armstrong, crossed the Sahara desert on a camel, climbed the Himalayas, explored the Atlantic Ocean, visited ancient Egyptian tombs, discovered a lost Inca city in Peru, met forgotten tribes in South America and Africa... and more!

Prisoners of the Sun, The Shooting Star, The Blue Lotus, Red Rackham's Treasure... story titles steeped in mystery, atmosphere and the promise of exotic travel. In 24 books and almost as many destinations, Tintin has become a symbol of adventure. Yesterday as today, he takes his readers on journeys around the world, all from the comfort of their armchairs.

The Adventures of Tintin are today counted among the powerful and timeless literary classics of their genre.

Bernard Pivot, the man who brought books to television, places Tintin alongside the Fables de La Fontaine, the Lettres de Madame de Sévigné and the works of Perrault.

During the first decade of the twenty-first century, Moulinsart launched The Adventures of Tintin in digital format.

Today digital technology is part of daily life. It is crucial to keep up with the times, even if the smell and touch of paper is deemed a pleasure by book lovers, including Tintin fans.

From now on the first experiences that new generations have with reality are often digital. Books are no longer objects kept on shelves; today they are displayed on screens. Does this diminish or increase the pleasure of reading? Are digital books more practical, intelligent or intelligible?

Depending on new concepts and formats, the answers to these questions may be positive. Some things are certain: books are now more portable and you can keep thousands of them in your house without worrying about dust! Digital books are also potentially highly interactive (links, video, images, audio, educational material, etc.), and can be easier to read with such tools as screen brightness adjustment, font size and other parameters. There are also new social dimensions such as the capacity to share content at a distance, comment on content, etc.

This list is not exhaustive and the potential is enormous. And the fact remains that the good old book will always be better for reading in the bathtub! But the idea is not to kill off the traditional format, rather to enhance the experience of reading with new dimensions.

It is with this in mind that a new version of the Tintin App has been launched, which contains some fundamental features essential to this brave new world of reading. Here are some of the advantages:

The bookshelf decorated with figurines.

As you make purchases you discover more figurines.

Symbols for the options available in the books – only on iOS.

Example of the “Extras” option: free E-books, résumé, documentary – only on iOS.

Example of a free E-book: Egypt travel diary – only on iOS.

Example of a free E-book: Egypt travel diary (part 2) – only on iOS.

Example of a documentary video: Sur les Traces de Tintin – only on iOS.

Example of a languages option – only on iOS.

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