Rascar Capac, season 1 - EPISODE 3

News ~ Tuesday 13th June 2017

South-American mummy Rascar Capac is etched into the minds of millions of Tintin readers, but today he is also the subject of academic research. Hergéologue Philippe Goddin recently published a two-volume work entitled La Malédiction de Rascar Capac, which looks into the sources behind Rascar Capac: the civilisation of the Incas and its mysteries, dangers, secrets and superstitions.

The belief in obscure forces goes back to the beginning of humankind; sometimes curses were reserved for those who tried to pierce the mysteries. Today the curator of the South-American collections at the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels – Doctor Serge Lemaitre – and researcher and archaeologist at the same museum – Caroline Tilleux – are ready to defy any supernatural threats posed by the mummy from The Seven Crystal Balls, who in that story wreaks havoc by poisoning scientists who investigate the tombs of his people.

On Thursday 23 March 2017 we reported that the mummy Hergé used as a model for Rascar Capac, which resides at the Royal Museum, had undergone a medical examination for the second time during its stay in Brussels. This examination was just one stage in a long process, which seeks to unveil the mysteries surrounding Rascar Capac.

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This time the explorers won't be travelling on the Pachacamac or by seaplane, but on a long-haul flight, first stop La Paz in Bolivia. The departure is this week, but we are keeping the exact date a secret so as not to make He-who-unleashes-the-fire-of-heaven angry!

The archaeologists will travel to Lake Titicaca, the Gate of the Sun at Tiahuanaco and Arica in Chile. The latter location is an important piece of the puzzle and will be essential when establishing the origins of Rascar Capac and his contemporaries.

Perhaps Professor Calculus's method of dowsing can help Doctor Lemaitre as he searches for the real story behind Rascar Capac!

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