Get ready for some Harrock’n roll , thundering typhoons!

News ~ Thursday 15th June 2017

Bardock, Kapstock, Karbock, Harrock,.. No, blistering barnacles, it's Haddock!

Following Tintin and Snowy, the statue of Sir Francis Haddock and the Arumbaya fetish, it is Captain Haddock's turn to join the “Musée Imaginaire” collection.

Captain Archibald Haddock met Tintin and his readers for the first time on 9 January 1941, on page 4 of the children's supplement to Le Soir Jeunesse. The Captain fast became the best-loved character in The Adventures of Tintin. Despite his quick temper, the Captain has a heart of gold and a way of endearing himself with Tintin fans.

Inspired by the illustration Hergé created for a poster advertising the 1979 "Musée Imaginaire de Tintin" exhibition, this superb numbered figurine shows Captain Haddock visiting a gallery dedicated to the universe of Tintin. Sculpted in resin and carefully hand-painted, this beautiful collectible object is delivered in a protective box and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Don't miss this great opportunity to acquire a top-quality collectible figurine based on The Adventures of Tintin.


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