Hergé in the shadow of Tintin - documentary

News ~ Friday 19th August 2016 ~ 3 commentaires

Documentary - Director: Hugues Nancy

Released in tandem with the Hergé exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris (28 September 2016 - 15 January 2017).

Hergé dedicated his whole life to Tintin, and it was not always easy. "Tintin is me: my eyes, my lungs, my feelings, my guts!" he explained to justify why he did not want anyone else to continue his star character's adventures after he died.

Georges Remi, otherwise known as Hergé, will always be remembered as the creator of Tintin. It was thanks to this series that he became one of the great authors and artists of the Twentieth Century, who made an impression not only on millions of young readers but also on the contemporary art scene.

But he was a tormented man who was consumed by his work, preoccupied with spirituality and obsessed with achieving perfection - a man much more complex than has been thought for a long time. And, like many great artists, fame did nothing to lessen his burden.

It is the story of Hergé that this documentary follows, making use of exceptional access to the archives of Studios Hergé and Moulinsart.

© 2016 Robert Kayaert SOFAM Belgique
© Hergé Moulinsart - 2016

Coproduction © 2016 – ARTE France / GEDEON programmes / MOULINSART SA / Rmn-Grand Palais / RTBF
Broadcase on Arte - 22 October 2016
Broadcast in Belgium on RTBF and in Switzerland on RTS
Broadcast on the Curiosity platform

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arm21Tuesday 23rd August 2016 à 20:22
ما اخبار تن تنی رو همراه با عکسای تن تنی در اختیار شما قرار میدیم. اگه دوست دارید عضو شید و خودتون کیفیت کانالو ببینید و ارزیابی کنید. @tintin20 @tintin20
arm21Tuesday 23rd August 2016 à 20:20
که اخبار تن تنی رو در اون قرار میدیم.خوشحال میشیم اگه عضو کانال بشید . @tintin20 دوستان ایرانی. ما یه کانال زدیم به نام
spidey1111Friday 19th August 2016 à 13:53
A great man...
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