Dossier ~ Friday 10th April 2009
Le Petit Vingtième (March 29, 1934)]

Easter has obscure origins.

A Mysterious Traditon

Easter has obscure origins. Good Friday leads up to Easter, but it never falls on the same date! This is a little odd when we consider that if we want to remember the life of a famous person, and we know that this person died on 26 March, for example, every year we would talk about 26 March, no matter on which day of the week the 26th actually fell. For Easter, it's the opposite: only the day counts. In reality, Easter was arbitrarily established in the fourth century, and isn't linked to any precise historical event. It was scheduled at the time of Passover, the Jewish festival which commemorates the flight of the Jews, led by Moses, from Egypt to Israel to escape slavery under the Pharaoh.

Le Petit VIngtième April 14 1938 (Left) - Le Petit VIngtième March 25 1937 (Right)
Le Journal Tintin (Left) - Le Petit VIngtième April 13 1933 (Right)
Le Journal Tintin (Left) - Le Petit VIngtième April 9 1936 (Right)
Le Petit VIngtième March 24 1931 (Left) - greeting card (Right)
Quick and Flupke - Extract Devaluation

A Special Month

The Passover Festival happens during the month of Nisan, according to the Hebrew calendar. In the touching words of Haïm Nisenbaum: "It's a special time to celebrate free people who are deciding their own futures, and therefore making history. They carry within themselves boundless hope, and the will to put it into action, as happiness and freedom are things that only truly exist when they are shared with everyone." And so, for the occasion, we would like to share some of Hergé's lesser-known illustrations with you. Happy Easter to everyone!

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