Hergé - 1917 - Hergé et Paul Remi - Reserved rights
Hergé - 1921 - Hergé et VanCutsem - Reserved rights
Hergé - 1922 - Reserved rights
Hergé - 1930 - Reserved rights
Hergé - 1934 - Reserved rights
Hergé - 1947 - Reserved rights
Hergé - 1956 - Reserved rights
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nightfuryThursday 30th March 2017 à 18:00
Herge ....its me, ur buddy.....Tintin....lol.....<3
call me :

i love u
TintínYMilúSaturday 4th March 2017 à 01:30
Hergé's great.
He created my favorite character.
He also created my favorite series.
I love this Tintin thing so much!
This guy's amazing.
He created a character, improved it, and made his dreams possible. All because of Tintin. And Snowy.
I love Tintin, so please, keep it up!
spidey1111Sunday 7th August 2016 à 18:57
Herge was a great man.
Because he didn't let others to complete his way.
He afraid of that other writer make a disaster with tintin , for various objects like money,more readers , etc
I am so happy now.
You think if other guys complete his way , tintin would succsed?
I am afraid not.
Well you are still great tintin for ever
yochanan613Tuesday 19th July 2016 à 15:52
This is amazing
animelegendsTuesday 5th July 2016 à 10:50
IS this the official webpage of moulinsart!??
tintinsnowy2Wednesday 11th May 2016 à 14:36
I love Tintin. I grew up with my Dad buying the books for me. I spent every cent I earned on buying the books.
marcellFriday 22nd April 2016 à 01:30
If only R.G could have finished the series .;-;
ilyasborenSaturday 2nd April 2016 à 15:55
Tintin is big character.
(inconnu)Sunday 20th December 2015 à 08:30
Extraordinaire de voir en image et d'entendre LE créateur d'aventures qui a fait veillé tard dans la nuit tant de lecteur(trice)s de 7 à 77 ans!!
joydeepTuesday 25th October 2011 à 10:28
grew up with Tintin, still continue reading the comics
frodobagginsSunday 9th October 2011 à 01:28
i wish the two live action tintin films are in english, or have english subtitles!
seaweedFriday 7th October 2011 à 01:20
tintin is the best thing in the world whooo hooooooo
ihatetintinTuesday 4th October 2011 à 15:45
i love tintin <3 <3 it makes me horny :)
clairevanstTuesday 13th September 2011 à 23:38
Tintin rocks!!!!!! I wish he was real :( I'm going to name my dog snowy! :)
rajeshSaturday 6th August 2011 à 21:13
I am a great Tintin fan. I wish Marlinspike was real, and I could go on a tour of the Marlinspike Hall estate. Sigh!
krishnaSaturday 30th July 2011 à 15:30
Tintin is classic...the best comic ever....
fanindia_asdSunday 24th July 2011 à 11:57
I love Tintin but ido not no french
elsa88Thursday 7th July 2011 à 13:35
i looove tintin!! :)
ashishThursday 30th June 2011 à 20:30
i speak no french, but i love tintin
jonaszThursday 16th June 2011 à 08:26
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