Casterman Publishing House, based in Tournai, Belgium, becomes the publisher of the Adventures of Tintin. A meeting with a young Chinese student, Chang Chong-Chen, marks a decisive turning point. Hergé becomes convinced of the importance of a soundly built storyline and of the necessity for thorough research and preparation. He begins to take seriously what was, until then, just a simple game.


For the French weekly Coeurs Vaillants, Hergé creates a new cast of heroes, Jo, Zette, and Jocko, for the French weekly Coeurs Vaillants. Five books are published.


As a result of the position taken by Hergé in favor of the Chinese people in The Blue Lotus, Tintin's creator is invited to China by the wife of Chiang Kai-Shek. The imminent war in Europe prevents the trip.


On May 10, Belgium is invaded by German troops. The newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle as well as Le Petit Vingtième disappear. Tintin in the Land of Black Gold, the episode in progress, is suspended for eight years. Hergé begins another adventure, The Crab with the Golden Claws, which he publishes in Le Soir, one of the only newspapers authorised during the German occupation.


Casterman Publishing House, are planning to publish standardised books containing 64 pages in full colour, asks Hergé to start adapting previous episodes to fit these new guidelines.


The liberation of Belgium on September 3 ends the publication of the Adventures of Tintin in Le Soir. Some consider that by publishing in a newspaper controlled by the German occupation, Hergé has in fact "collaborated" with it.


He continues the crucial work on his first books. They will be published one after the other according to the new guidelines.

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nightfuryThursday 30th March 2017 à 18:00
Herge ....its me, ur buddy.....Tintin....lol.....<3
call me :

i love u
TintínYMilúSaturday 4th March 2017 à 01:30
Hergé's great.
He created my favorite character.
He also created my favorite series.
I love this Tintin thing so much!
This guy's amazing.
He created a character, improved it, and made his dreams possible. All because of Tintin. And Snowy.
I love Tintin, so please, keep it up!
spidey1111Sunday 7th August 2016 à 18:57
Herge was a great man.
Because he didn't let others to complete his way.
He afraid of that other writer make a disaster with tintin , for various objects like money,more readers , etc
I am so happy now.
You think if other guys complete his way , tintin would succsed?
I am afraid not.
Well you are still great tintin for ever
yochanan613Tuesday 19th July 2016 à 15:52
This is amazing
animelegendsTuesday 5th July 2016 à 10:50
IS this the official webpage of moulinsart!??
tintinsnowy2Wednesday 11th May 2016 à 14:36
I love Tintin. I grew up with my Dad buying the books for me. I spent every cent I earned on buying the books.
marcellFriday 22nd April 2016 à 01:30
If only R.G could have finished the series .;-;
ilyasborenSaturday 2nd April 2016 à 15:55
Tintin is big character.
(inconnu)Sunday 20th December 2015 à 08:30
Extraordinaire de voir en image et d'entendre LE créateur d'aventures qui a fait veillé tard dans la nuit tant de lecteur(trice)s de 7 à 77 ans!!
joydeepTuesday 25th October 2011 à 10:28
grew up with Tintin, still continue reading the comics
frodobagginsSunday 9th October 2011 à 01:28
i wish the two live action tintin films are in english, or have english subtitles!
seaweedFriday 7th October 2011 à 01:20
tintin is the best thing in the world whooo hooooooo
ihatetintinTuesday 4th October 2011 à 15:45
i love tintin <3 <3 it makes me horny :)
clairevanstTuesday 13th September 2011 à 23:38
Tintin rocks!!!!!! I wish he was real :( I'm going to name my dog snowy! :)
rajeshSaturday 6th August 2011 à 21:13
I am a great Tintin fan. I wish Marlinspike was real, and I could go on a tour of the Marlinspike Hall estate. Sigh!
krishnaSaturday 30th July 2011 à 15:30
Tintin is classic...the best comic ever....
fanindia_asdSunday 24th July 2011 à 11:57
I love Tintin but ido not no french
elsa88Thursday 7th July 2011 à 13:35
i looove tintin!! :)
ashishThursday 30th June 2011 à 20:30
i speak no french, but i love tintin
jonaszThursday 16th June 2011 à 08:26
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