Authentication Committee for the work of Hergé

The Authentication Committee for the work of Hergé was formed on 20 July 2010, under the aegis of Studios Hergé.

In response to growing interest in the work of Hergé, and the appearance of increasing numbers of dubious and false examples of this work, Studios Hergé has taken the step, in the interest of protecting the œuvre, of forming an authentication committee with the backing of the most respected experts in the field.

The Committee is tasked with authenticating work, on any supporting medium, attributed to Hergé.

The following types of work are eligible for submission to the Committee: original plates, sketches, colour work, autographs accompanied by a drawing, edited work and generally any graphical document that could be attributed to Hergé and/or to Studios Hergé at the time when the organisation was managed by Hergé or by Bob de Moor following the death of Hergé.

Six members, including four experts, will sit on the Committee: Bernard Tordeur, Dominique Maricq, Philippe Goddin, Michel Bareau, Catherine Thirry and Ann Marchal. The chairperson of the committee is Sophie Tchang, Curator of the Hergé Museum.

The Committee will host three sessions of appraisal per year. The next session will take place on Tuesday 12 January 2021.

Persons who wish to approach the Committee are asked to use the following contact details:

The Hergé Committee
C/O Studios Hergé
Avenue Louise 162
B-1050, Bruxelles
Tél : +32 (0)26 26 24 21

Documents to be completed, signed and returned for any authentication request:
Download (pdf)

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