Land of Black Gold
1st color edition(1950) - 2nd color edition (1958)
3ème édition Couleur (1975)
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element50Saturday 23rd February 2019 à 13:13
Little Abdullah was a great character and more entertaining than the Thomsons.

The entry of Captain Haddock late in the story is regrettable and obviously the result of Herge writing the original story before The Crab with the Golden Claws. But it doesn't work and is totally unnatural. Herge should have just left him out as there is no need for the Captain in absolutely every adventure.
pmjshieldsSaturday 20th January 2018 à 18:34
A classic Tintin adventure full of political intrigue. There is a typo on page 3 though! Goodbye doesn’t have two ‘b’s usually…
Tintinfan123Thursday 10th August 2017 à 19:13
Il est bon!!!!!
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