Prisoners of the Sun
1st color edition (1949) - 2nd color edition (1955)
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element50Saturday 23rd February 2019 à 13:05
The archetype of a complete Tintin adventure, involving plenty of trecking in an exotic land, several brushes with death, hostile natives and befriending a local boy - all to save an ageing and barely senile friend in Calculus. Many iconic moments abound, including jumping off the runaway train into a river (wouldn't we all want to try?), discovering the waterfall entrance to the temple, as well as the solar eclipse.
In just a few pages, the gang manages to encounter a condor and bear in the mountains, then a barrage of animals in thick jungle: an iguana, monkeys, an anaconda, a tapir, mosquitoes, ants, an anteater, crocodiles...must be a record when you factor in the llamas, the seagull 'appearance,' penguins and the lizard tickling Haddock's back.
nesstrueblueMonday 28th August 2017 à 21:35
My 1st Tintin book completely takes with the Captain and Tintin to Peru on the adventure .
emmaqianFriday 26th August 2011 à 14:09
I love this story and the 7 crystal balls very much.
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