Red Rackham's Treasure
1st color edition (1946) - 2nd color edition (1945)
3rd color edition (1955)
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Ashkan.HSaturday 8th December 2018 à 15:36
I love this book
clauskampMonday 29th May 2017 à 18:51
This is still a great story.
Is it true that the Tintin books soon will be available for iBooks much cheaper than this app?
rumeshWednesday 3rd May 2017 à 19:51
Superb! My favorite book

Why is professor calculus called mr. calculus in this translation?
shankarbalanSunday 23rd April 2017 à 17:46
I love this Treasure Hunt Story.
Great fun right from the first time I read it!
Glad to have the digital version now on the App.
spidey1111Sunday 7th August 2016 à 18:50
This kind of story is full of surprises
That you can feel other feeling actually, it let you think you are with all legendary heroes as captain professer and tintin .
That's why these comics are successful.
All in one they let you in.
With all respect to the great man hedge.
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