The Shooting Star
1st color edition (1943) - 2nd color edition (1954)
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esherWednesday 13th March 2019 à 09:13
In 1944 the album was printed twice with a blue back. I have seen pictures of this album both in colour and in black/white. Is it actually true that the album was printed in black and white?
element50Friday 22nd February 2019 à 17:31
Bring back Blumenstein.
Or change the following villains' names that are associated with certain nationalities and cultures: Roberto Rastapopolous, Müller, Puschov, Ivan, Lazslo Carreidas...
You see the problem this would cause?
mrtintinfanThursday 15th December 2016 à 19:12
Amazing book! I have had the actual book for years, but I did need some Tintin to read on the go!
clauskampSunday 11th December 2016 à 19:54
Thank you, this is fine
thierry1971Saturday 10th December 2016 à 20:36

webFriday 9th December 2016 à 19:14
It's fixed now. You can delete it and download it again (go to settings / your purchases).
parsifal_22Thursday 1st December 2016 à 18:10
Firstly the translation is odd. Page 1, fifth panel Snowy makes reference to a bear but Tintin has not referred to the constellation as the Great Bear, only as the Plough

Secondly there seem to be colour variations between pages, noticeably pages 16, 37, 40 and 50, which seem darker than the surrounding ones.

Finally pages 28, 39, 51, 52 and 62 are incomplete. Some of the text is there but the artwork is missing.
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