The Crab with the Golden Claws
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K_KaneshiroThursday 14th June 2018 à 03:05
I read all ‘TinTin’ cartoon books in Thai version when I was child. Now, I am reading ‘TinTin’ in English version. I love it.
acdacd77Sunday 5th November 2017 à 00:06
Loved it! Absolutely superb!
Tintinfan123Thursday 10th August 2017 à 21:42
parsifal_22Thursday 1st December 2016 à 18:04
Excellent, always loved the full page artwork in this book.
lavodnasSunday 20th November 2016 à 01:23
my first book. I read at 1964, The seven cristal balls and after that day I wish to read all the tintin's book. But in Brazil at that time was'nt easy to access. Sometimes i found out 1 book at bookstore, or searching german magazines, like der spiegel which published some cartoons about Tintim.Ans I had a friend from Lisboon, which send me some editions from weekly tintin. I've learned about some new things in Tintim e was extremely useful during my life. Last Year I went to genebra e nyon just to see where Tintin and the captain make a pursuit to Caculus, Ans I stay veru happy wheNext month I'll go to Belgium.
Thans Herge and his friends

Sandoval Lage
Rio de Janeiro Brazil
marcus jSunday 2nd October 2016 à 22:03
Brilliant. Please hurry and realise the other books in English
shankarbalanTuesday 20th September 2016 à 04:03
As always. Tintin is the best.
And I love the drawings in this one particularly.
I wish they would speed up their releases of the titles.
Considering that all these were translated in English a long time ago I cant understand why they are re translating them and releasing them.
tintinlover1Monday 30th November 2015 à 18:47
I have the book too. this is one of my favorite Tintin Books
tinajoron1Monday 23rd November 2015 à 23:05
I have the book, and the movie. This is good show.
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