The Black Island
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element50Friday 22nd February 2019 à 17:23
The name "Ranko" given to the gorilla is an interesting choice, as it is apparently a Japanese name (was Herge influenced by King Kong films?) and a South-Slavic name (was Herge already researching for his next adventure set in Balkanesque Syldavia and Borduria?)
vikdeeSunday 26th March 2017 à 20:35
Never a let down grew up with it and still with it
marlinhoisteSaturday 22nd October 2016 à 07:48
Excellent. Loved revisiting Tintin and fascinated by the background to the creation of the story in the bonus material.
shankarbalanFriday 6th May 2016 à 06:38
I truly wish they would accelerate the availability of all the titles in English Digitized versions!
shankarbalanThursday 5th May 2016 à 20:05
Can never stop re reading Tintin
Mad about Tintin since 1976!
tintinlover1Monday 30th November 2015 à 18:48
One of the best tintin books I ever read.
emmaqianWednesday 26th August 2015 à 14:10
I think it's the most interesting story.
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