The Blue Lotus
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Question n°1/5
Au début de l'album, de quelle ville vient l'homme qui désire rencontrer Tintin ?
De Shanghaï
De Chenghai
De Chao'an
Question n°2/5
Quel est le nom du fakir invité par le maharadjah ?
Fan Se-Yeng
Question n°3/5
Sur quel bateau s'embarquent Tintin et Milou pour retourner aux Indes ?
Sur le S.S. Ranchi
Sur le Cervin
Sur le Blackstar
Question n°4/5
Quel est le nom de la prison dans laquelle Tintin est enfermé ?
La prison Abou Ghraib
La prison St James
La prison de Daqing
Question n°5/5
Qu'est-il écrit sur l'étiquette que Mitsuhirato voit en songe, dans les mains de Tintin ?
Clé des champs
Le Lotus bleu
Les joueurs des 30 derniers jours
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Vos contributions (13) Contribuer
gibbleTuesday 22nd October 2019 à 12:15
Great book, fantastic.
element50Friday 22nd February 2019 à 17:13
Page 43 contains some fascinating dialogue that is evident of a certain facetiousness (trolling) by Herge. The part where Tintin says "A lot Europeans still believe that all Chinese people are eating [...] swallows' nests" has the appearance of attempting to discredit a trope, but actually the nests remain a delicacy in China to this day. Tintin also says that Europeans think all Chinese females undergo foot-binding and that unwanted babies are dumped into rivers. Again, Herge is somewhat sarcastically countersignalling the trope, because some foot-binding had still been occurring not long prior, while gender-selective abortion was certainly also happening at that time.
JeromeoFriday 27th October 2017 à 12:42
Best story
jakobbogoTuesday 10th October 2017 à 15:30
Tintinfan123Monday 14th August 2017 à 01:28
GumawamaTuesday 2nd May 2017 à 17:23
This book is one of the best adventures Tintin goes on, recommend this and the cigars of the pharaoh(seeing as they are a pair to anyone
shankarbalanThursday 5th May 2016 à 20:04
Most enjoyable!
Glad these digital editions are now
available for us Tintinologists!
kapil222Wednesday 4th May 2016 à 03:45
100/ 100 nice
HSHSHSWednesday 24th February 2016 à 03:15
Five star for five !
felixkrull21Friday 22nd January 2016 à 17:00
I have this book in first edition both in B&W and Color. It is hard to say what is the best of the two, the B&W has some full color pages which are like master piece, while the first edition in color on this amazing thick yellow paper, gives to the story something really unique and fits perfectly to the atmosphere of the story!
spreadneedleWednesday 30th December 2015 à 22:04
Perhaps my personal favorite of all Tintin books.
nediymSaturday 19th December 2015 à 00:23
My favourite album with all the colour and intrigue of the Orient! Love it!
webTuesday 24th November 2015 à 14:14
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