Tintin in the Congo
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Question n°1/5
Quel est le nom du sorcier africain ?
Question n°2/5
Quel est le nom du serpent qui avale Milou ?
Un cobra
Une couleuvre
Un boa
Question n°3/5
Combien y a-t-il de Noirs qui accompagnent Tintin et le missionnaire dans le canot ?
Question n°4/5
Comment était surnommé Al Capone ?
Le tortionnaire
Le balafré
Le goujat
Question n°5/5
Quel était le prénom du bandit qui fut dévoré par les crocodiles ?
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Vos contributions (21) Contribuer
elliyounFriday 25th January 2019 à 02:13
One of the first book that I’ve read and still I can remember most of it!
TharanduilWednesday 23rd January 2019 à 06:25
Im wonder why this album is marked to published in 1991?
I did readed this in -80s and still have this colored album in my collection. Could be from late -70s also. Just wondering the actual year it was published as similar colored album.

This album could be banned in these years easily, maybe its the reason it never made cartoon movie series like the rest of them. Still its nice to be able to see old times and thoughts in comic. Piece of history. Piece of childhood. Brings back lots of memories. Unique style of drawing. Thanks for the app!

M.JaggerSaturday 4th November 2017 à 17:15
I’ve been a fan of Tintin since my childhood but why are the dialogs different than the the printed versions (and scans on the internet)? This is so annoying and keeps me from buying one of these versions. Not reliable.
justheguy4uSunday 1st October 2017 à 00:46
Nice publication! Any plans for a Chinese Mandarin version? Imagine the market potential! Lol. Maybe you also want to consider incorporating language learning features into the app...Good luck.
omri guezSunday 11th December 2016 à 20:19
Very good!!! Please add more languages
josh8Monday 5th December 2016 à 17:54
tintinsnowy1Wednesday 24th August 2016 à 10:08
I have loved Tintin and his adventures all my life, glad to see this awesome app. Hope it is very successful.
shankarbalanThursday 5th May 2016 à 19:58
As an avid follower of Tintin and collector of books and memorabilia since the age of 5 in 1976 and as an amateur Tintinologist I must say I am most pleased to be able to buy these beautiful Tintin Digital Editions on the MoulinsArt Tintin App!
Truly enjoyable!
HSHSHSMonday 29th February 2016 à 14:46
My life story may have more excitement then TinTin but I who have 54 years of age
Kendall76Sunday 10th January 2016 à 08:13
Worth waiting for!
amirsalimiSaturday 8th August 2015 à 15:23
The best memories throughout my childhood
asabouriThursday 25th June 2015 à 06:23
Excellent version. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the books in digital format.
arturovallWednesday 24th June 2015 à 09:18
The first in the English digital collection. Wonderful, enjoying each page of adventure and Hergé artwork. The extras are a huge add-on to the digital version. Looking forward to the next albums.
CaptainGSPSunday 21st June 2015 à 03:57
I am so happy I can read digitally remastered books
hultbergMonday 15th June 2015 à 20:06
Perfect that Tintin goes digital!
Is there any plans to release in Swedish language to?
infernal667Tuesday 9th June 2015 à 22:31
Love Tintin :) but the price is a little bit high
melphayMonday 8th June 2015 à 07:05
So glad that the English versions are being added! Waited so long for this! Tin tin is amazing!!
aatefiSunday 7th June 2015 à 05:47
I am soooo excited that the English version is not available. I have been a Tintin fan since I was 8 years old. Tintin in Congo may be controversial but it is great book for entertainment. Looking forward to the other books being available in English in this App.
nitnit714Thursday 5th March 2015 à 04:01
My book of "Tintin in the Congo" has just come in the mail.I'v read it,and it's great!
frodobagginsFriday 6th February 2015 à 02:09
I wonder if the 1991 edition of tintin in the congo, which was a republishing in English of the original black-and-white 1931 edition, has all the same content that the 1931 version had. I also wonder if it is restored in color or black-and-white. And is the 1991 English version still available in stores, or is it only the 2005 version? I would like to know because i feel that the original has a more authentic feeling to it. Can anyone answer?
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